The Advantages of Polished Concrete Floors

Polishing concrete floors is a revolutionary way to dramatically improve manufacturing, warehouses, showrooms or other existing premises. It is also a great cost-effective way to create a remarkable space in an office building, a retail store or even the lobby of a hotel. Polished concrete has the brightness and character of the most expensive quarry stone, such as marble and granite, but for a fraction of the cost.

Polished concrete floors can take the ordinary grey surface and highlight features that already exist but will never be noticed. It can also improve the mood of the worker and also increase the levels of ambient light, which reduces the energy requirements. It can turn dirty and difficult to clean area into a low maintenance area that does not require polishing, just a broom to keep it looking like new.

To create floors of polished concrete, a technician applies a liquid hardener that penetrates the surface of the material and lets it dry. This hardener converts the porous surface into an impenetrable hard surface, like a rock. The surface is ready for the first grinding. A disc with a diamond grain, mixed with a metal matrix, is used to grind the surface uniformly and systematically until it is flat, smooth and free of chips and cavities. It may take some passes from the technician and his polishing machine. After that, you are ready for the next steps. Then, a finer grain is selected and mixed with a resin or plastic matrix to produce an intense shine. The technician will decide the number of grains, depending on the condition of the surface and the desired finish. Several additional steps can be used with a final grain as high as 1500 to achieve the desired finish.

Polished concrete floors can convert a high-maintenance grease, a liquid and a dirt-absorbing surface to a clean, shiny surface without cracking or crumbling. The benefits can be applied to many areas with a large number of uses, including:

  1. Manufacturing Polished concrete floors resist grease, oil and heavy traffic.
  2. Warehouses The sliding marks of the elevators are easily eliminated and a higher level of light means better visibility and safety.
  3. Food processing Resistant to spills of all types and high-pressure drops. Able to withstand extreme temperatures without effect.
  4. Detail An attractive surface that can support the constant flow of shopping cart, low altitude and pedestrian traffic. Resistant to dirt, water and mud.
  5. Repair and maintenance workshops. Easy to clean and durable It will not break or crack easily in case of impact.
  6. Hangars and garages. It can tolerate heavy vehicle traffic and does not absorb fuel and spills.

Commercial buildings and hotels. Some mixtures of aggregates according to concrete polishing Melbourne, once polished, will compete with the expensive granite in terms of aesthetic quality for a much lower cost, greater durability and less maintenance.

Institutions An excellent option for schools, hospitals and penal institutions.

Polished concrete floors can be an excellent green floor option for virtually any commercial situation and even in certain residential situations. An old concrete floor, whatever its cleanliness and condition, can be transformed almost magically into a beautiful and luminous surface composed of tiny pieces of stone that shine in many cases. For new constructions, there are many different mixtures available to determine the final appearance of the finished surface. In new installations, you can even add colour to the mix. The benefits are numerous and the limitations are few, which makes polished concrete the material of choice for many architects, building owners, developers and designers. Low maintenance, beauty, durability and energy efficiency are the perfect solution for the demanding interior environments of today.

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